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Maneki Neko

When you visit LUXE, you will see two beat up maneki neko by the front door and the cashier. Maneki neko, known as lucky cats, originate from Japan and supposedly bring luck to businesses. If the left hand is raised, the cat is beckoning customers. If the right hand is raised, it is trying to [...]

Professional Chef Open House

Ok. We admit we did not realize that our Professional Chef Open house on April 17th coincided with Coachella, dubbed the biggest party in LA. It was like going up against Star Wars on opening weekend. Foolish but we survived. Not only that, we had a rather spectacular turnout thanks to the chef community, customers, [...]

Gyotaku Master Class: Learning the Art of Fish Printing

How did Japanese fishermen record their trophy catches centuries ago when there was no camera? In comes Gyotaku: the art of fish printing. It was a smart way to “photograph” the catch and eat it at the same time. Art is often inspired by nature. Look at Gaudi who drew much of his architectural inspiration [...]