Our 15,000 sq. ft. ship is anchored in the heart of downtown Los Angeles’s produce district. Our cheekier side would say that we are in the historical Arts District that is trendy and fast becoming a hot bed for new food concepts.  

Our practical side would say that we are located on Alameda St, a main corridor easily accessible from four major highways. You will be surprised by the ease of your wide turns into our trade center that is well lit and monitored by 24hr security guards. Thank goodness parking is not an issue.

Chop Room

Kept refrigerated below 40?°F degrees, our 2,000 sf processing room is where we clean, filet, skin and debone seafood to the specifications of our customers. We are an approved establishment under NOAA Seafood Inspection Program and certified as being capable of producing safe and wholesome products in accordance with specific quality regulations promulgated by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Following an extremely disciplined approach to processing and sanitation, we minimize waste, bruising, while retaining the freshness and wholesomeness of our product. Our food contact surfaces and non-food contact surfaces are sanitized on a daily basis and we routinely test our food contact surfaces as per FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 110.

Show Room

Kept refrigerated below 40?°F degrees, the 1,000 sf show room is where we display all fish for viewing and sale. Keeping a cold room and displaying the seafood on ice ensures that the product stays fresh and safe to eat.


We have ample freezer storage kept between -13 °F degrees to -20 °F degrees, cooler storage is kept below 38°F degrees. Our refrigerated storage temperatures are always kept below critical limits to prevent any food safety hazards.

Ozone Treated Water

We process our fish with ozone treated water. Ozone kills bacteria and other pathogens, combat Listeria, reduce odor, and control cross-contamination. Ozone is FDA, USDA, and EPA approved. In addition, we regularly test our water to make sure it complies with the water potability standards of the Federal Drinking Water Standards and the California Safe Drinking Water Act.

Ozone Treated Ice

Ice matters. Ground too fine and it melts immediately. Cut into cubes and it fails to mold to the product and cool it down speedily. Our flake ice strikes the perfect balance. We also make ice from ozone treated water. This is uncommon due to its higher cost but we go the extra step to ensure that our products stays fresh and safe to consume.


Freshest Seafood for Culinary Artists.

We aim to be a part of the most diverse, creative and vibrant culinary culture in L.A.

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