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Let’s create the most amazing seafoodie city in the world.

Let's Create the Most Amazing Foodie City in the World

Freshest Seafood for Culinary Artists.

We are a wholesale distributor and processor of premium seafood. We aim to be a part of the most diverse, creative and vibrant culinary culture in L.A. From the funk of your umami to the sweetness of your hamachi, our specialty is sourcing your fishy aspirations.

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WILD Tile Fish (East Coast)

Oregon Wild Albacore Tuna

WILD Local Black Cod (Santa Barbara)

Sustainably Farmed Striped Bass (Mexico)

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Community, Quality, and Sustainability.

We respect and strive to maintain tight relationships with the fishing community to ensure a steady supply of quality and sustainable seafood. We focus on providing the best value for the price. Let us help you strike a balance between creativity, cost, and mother earth.

Mori Dreams of Rice

I recently sat down with Morihiro “Mori” Onodera to learn more about his passion for rice. I’d heard that he polished his rice daily, and my first thought was this guy is either crazy or [...]

Maneki Neko

When you visit LUXE, you will see two beat up maneki neko by the front door and the cashier. Maneki neko, known as lucky cats, originate from Japan and supposedly bring luck to businesses. If [...]

Professional Chef Open House

Ok. We admit we did not realize that our Professional Chef Open house on April 17th coincided with Coachella, dubbed the biggest party in LA. It was like going up against Star Wars on opening [...]

Gyotaku Master Class: Learning the Art of Fish Printing

How did Japanese fishermen record their trophy catches centuries ago when there was no camera? In comes Gyotaku: the art of fish printing. It was a smart way to “photograph” the catch and eat it [...]

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How We Sail Our Ship

With tight logistics handling and a disciplined approach to processing we fly in seafood from around the world while maintaining their utmost freshness.

Our Ship is anchored in the heart of downtown LA’s produce district.

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(213) 223-9000

Please call us or email order@luxe-seafood.com to place your order or learn more.